What am I doing now

Summer is here in Berlin. It can be insanely hot here, so I’m blogging less. Another reason for that is that I wrote myself a bit into a corner with those design ethics posts. So I’m reading up on ethics now, which is much more fun than it may sound like. I finished reading Mike Monteiro’s Ruined by design, which I highly recommended—it’s a kick in the teeth, but in a good way. Right now I’m reading Massimo Pigliucci’s How To Be A Stoic. It’s a great book. First of all, stoic philosophy is not about what the current word stands for and secondly because in classic Greece, ethics was about how to live the good life.

On cooler days, I like to enjoy being outside with our toddlers as much as I can. I bought a longboard last week, so I have something to do while they’re playing (they tend to use me as a jungle gym when I’m sitting down at the playground). Longboarding is much more fun and easier than I thought it. Except my little ones spend more time on it then I can when they see me with it.

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