What am I doing now

New routine

I’m getting into a new weekly routine, working from home with two children.

  • Start every other day with bicycle tour or a run
  • Work half a day or an evening
  • Take care of the kids half a day (or a whole day, depending on the day of the week). New things I learned that they like doing and are not stupid:
    • Going into the woods
    • Doing video dance lessons
    • Cooking together (requires patience)
    • Doing treasure hunts


I’m helping out my wife with the website for her charity. ForTomorrow makes it easy for people to fight climate change by offsetting emissions. There are quite a few other offers out there, but this one is very effective by using donation in two ways.

First there’s planting trees. People feel good about it and trees are the cheapest way to take CO2 out of the air. Unfortunately, many other offsetting schemes plant trees in sub optimal ways. They plant fast growing trees, but fast growing trees also fall down fast, only postponing climate disaster by a few decades. ForTomorrow only invests in sustainable forestry, in Germany, where it’s guaranteed that that the forests won’t be cut down.

Then there is avoiding emissions completely, by canceling CO2 emission certificates. All of the EU’s industry has to buy rights to emit CO2 from a yearly quota. By buying up these rights and not using them, the industry’s quota is effectively reduced.

Blogging and pandemic journal

Since November I’ve put most of my free alone time into the ForTomorrow project. But now everything is about working, household and taking care of the children, so things have slowed down there and on this blog too. I’ve added a journal section to this site though; a quick way for me to share thoughts with you without having to write proper articles.

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