What am I doing now

I’m working on a series of ethics blog posts. Arguably, I’ve been doing that for years now, but at least one post is at a stage where I wouldn’t be that ashamed of publishing it. It’s very long though. I want to finish one more post in the series and then decide if I can break the finished one up into shorter ones.

Against better judgment I’m now maintaining more websites than ever before. They all scream to get design updates. There’s Aftel that needs some styling tweaks and some settings to make it installable. Notulator needs promotion; feedback is positive, but nobody’s using it, because nobody can find it. And I’d love to overhaul this website’s CSS. I made it so backward compatible with older browsers, that it now feels like I can’t do a lot of things without breaking stuff. Better start from scratch. Also, because I’ve built quite a few more websites now, and I’d set it up more clean and efficiently. When does one decide to maintain their own CSS framework?

This year’s summer is very nice and long though. I mean, it’s autumn, but today was shorts-and-T-shirts weather. The evenings and nights are cool. Despite my worries about the climate heating up, I find this very pleasant.

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