What am I doing now

  • At work: designing an app for people who use their bikes to get around. For someone from the Netherlands, pretty much every other country’s cycling situation is worse, so I’m really excited to work on change there.
  • Properly learning JavaScript with Eloquent JavaScript. This was long due—I learned and used ActionScript 3 2008–2011. Because both AS and JS are ECMA script, I was able to do some basic JS stuff, so I didn’t think of doing actively learning it until 2014 when I did an Angular course. Then more recently I learned Vue. Both Angular and Vue let me build solid stuff without really having to know too much about JavaScript. For this very website, I didn’t want to add a whole framework for those few little features and then found out I didn’t really know how to set up a project without Vue. Anyway, it’s totally not worth the effort, but it’s I love learning it.

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