What am I doing now

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

I’m taking three weeks off this summer because daycare is closed. We will go on a long trip later this year, so we’re staying mainly at home in Berlin. My plans:

  • Create a design for this website
  • Write one or two blog posts about topics from my notes
  • Read:
    • The Secrets of Happy Families
    • Never Split The Difference
    • Building Stories
    • The Silmarillion
  • Listen to the newly released tracks from the 20th anniversary version of Garbage’s Version 2.0. That was and is one of my favorite albums and to listen to 20 year-old tracks that are new to me is an odd mix of discovery and nostalgia.
  • Draw
  • Do cycling tours in and around Berlin

But mainly: spend a lot of time with my family.

When I don’t have vacation, I work as a designer at BCG Digital Ventures.

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