Day 671—Quarantine

Until this week, we have been lucky with our daycare. Apart from the occasional positive tests, I’m not aware of anyone from the staff or children getting seriously ill from covid. Most of the positive tests couldn’t be confirmed with the more accurate PCR tests. But with cases in Berlin at an all time high, it seems unavoidable that our daycare too will get affected. There was one confirmed case in our son’s group and antigen tests suggest that more children and staff have been infected. So now we have our first official quarantine at home.

It’s impossible to isolate a six-year old without making life a hell for us (many nights he won’t even sleep alone in his own bed).

Which, in my opinion, doesn’t make thist a proper quarantine. We don’t have symptoms, none of us has tested positivily and the official quarantine only applies to our son. So my spouse, daughter and I are free to do go about our normal routines, visit people etc. But of course, with the son and thus us being potentially infected, that would be careless. So our daughter is also staying at home, we’re ordering in food, don’t have play dates, cancelled all in-person meetins and are in WFH mode again.

It’s been three days with the children at home. So far it has been okay. I’m still on leave from my paid job, so we don’t have the pressure of having to combine two work weeks with full-time child care. It’s been almost two years since the first lockdown and that difference in age is huge. The children are now four and six years old. This morning, after playing board games together (with rules that they actually obey), I just suggested we do some things on our own to relax a bit and then do another game together. Which seems go about fine, because I managed to write this journal entry without interruptions.

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