Day 599—Visiting the Netherlands

Summarizing Germany’s approach to covid with The Netherlands’s would be (sidenote: This is obviously a gross oversimplification, because on top of having all those rules, they’re defined on a local level, subject to constant change and rarely communicated or checked. But all in all even most Berliners follow obey rules and rather be safe than sorry. ) versus yolo let’s fill those ICs to the max.

Which is one of the reasons I hadn’t visited my home country in 2 years. But my grandmother was having a birthday party and the 2G rule was in place: everyone had to show proof of vaccination or show a negative test. So I went there with the children. Every time we go somewhere, I feel guilty about putting them at risk while being vaxed myself. But at least the oldest keeps his mask on.

The purpose of the trip was meeting family, so in the few days we were there, we didn’t really do much, but holy shit, nobody wears a mask at the supermarket’s. Zero people except me. What the actual fuck. I felt funny for wearing one. I know in The Netherlands masks haven’t been mandatory for a few months now, but seriously, with the numbers skyrocketing, why would you wait for the prime minister’s televised speech to do what the whole world knows is the safe thing?

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