Day 525—Fully vaxed

It’s been two weeks since I got my second dose, so now I’m officially fully vaccinated! No air horns and fireworks, but I do feel slightly more at ease. Like, I’ve ended this level without dying. Not without facing the end boss though: I was down again with side effects for almost a full work week.

I met with friends today, IRL. Outside, but that was mainly because the weather was nice and we were a big group. Two of them got married in July. I didn’t go to the wedding because of me being too anxious about the pandemic. The wedding taking place in the Netherlands, where the there’s much more virus despite a much smaller population didn’t help. This outside gathering was really fun though! No masks necessary, enough space for the small crowd not to be overwhelming.

So: yay! This pandemic is far from over. And I still have a 1 in 20 chance of getting ill after contracting the virus. But it’s unlikely that the virus will get me really bad.

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