Day 455—Vacation

Last week: vacation. Quite similar to last year’s, we went to a beach town on an island in the Baltic Sea, in the north of Germany. A train ride away from Berlin.

The sun sets behind a hotel in the resort architecture style that's traditional in Binz.

What was very different from last year was that I was relaxed from the first day and managed to stay that way. During last year’s trip, built up tension came out with me worrying and being generally agitated. Nothing like that this time around. The context was different too. This time, the trains were almost empty. On the island only one case was reported in the week before we arrived. And there were very few tourists; we arrived on the second day that tourism from outside the state was even allowed. All visitors had to show negative test results. And it wasn’t my first trip during the pandemic anymore.

All and all, it was almost like a pre-pandemic vacation, except that people were wearing masks in the hallways of the hotel. Since the start of the pandemic I often feel anxious (or actually, annoyed and appalled) by groups of people not keeping a distance. Now there were much fewer people than normal and I didn’t observe any reckless behavior, but I felt pretty okay with those who were there. Just give me that vaccine and I think I’m ready for the reopening of society.

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