Day 377

Today my spouse and I went somewhere. For the first time since July 2020 I left the Berlin/Brandenburg area. It was only a one hour express train ride—we went to a place just outside Leipzig (ForTomorrow was having trees planted there and we documented how that was going). For days before and after it, I was prettttty excited and a little afraid. A bit like when I was little and it was very special when my parents took me to a place I’d never been to before.

I consider that a regression, because as a grown-up I used to travel to all kind of places near and far. Curious to see something new, not bothering about the traveling part. Emotionally though, it doesn’t feel good to leave the city. It’s strange though. I wouldn’t (and didn’t) have an issue with taking a regional train to go on a hike. But the thought of being on a train with other people for more than half an hour, going through train stations and being in another city feels irresponsible. Even if pandemic-wise, it really doesn’t matter whether I’m on the streets of Berlin or Leipzig. Neither does the type of train matter.

Anyway. It turned out to feel good to be in a different place. The weather was beautiful, we were outside a lot and the people we met were super nice. And distanced.

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