Day 351

I gotta say—I’m handling this lockdown better than the first one. Key differences:

  • We know a lot more about covid and I’m less scared of it than during last spring
  • From the second week of the lockdown I’ve been allowed to take ‘sick child care leave’ days
  • Work has been really engaging and interesting
  • I’m taking daily relaxation and workout seriously
  • I’ve pause all the ambitious parts of my side projects, only doing easy and fun things

I’m sleeping well. I’m happy doing the things I’m doing. When I work, I want to have more time doing that. And when I’m with the children, I love that and wish I can have more of that. Especially when the weather was like spring all of a sudden! Last year it was backwards: during work I felt like I had to mind the children and when I was with them, I wanted to get back to work.

This week some general discontent was coming up again. All things considered, it’s going well and I’m enjoying that, so I have to be careful not to get all negative again.

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