Day 294

Christmas and New Year’s Eve in lockdown. It was allowed to meet a small number of people from one other household, but we didn’t want to take any risk. We stayed at home, celebrating with our family. I’m not a Christmas fan anyway and and not having the hassle of visiting relatives wasn’t so bad. We prepared nice, but not too laborious food. The children were very happy with their presents and played with them for days without wanting to go outside. So that was actually pretty good (except for that they had too much energy in the evenings, running, fighting, shouting around supper time).

After being at home for so long with just the four of us, I didn’t really see a reason to even celebrate New Year’s Eve. Why wouldn’t we just do what we did all other nights? If there were a way to have more fun on the 31st, why didn’t we do that every day of the Christmas break? I guess I was getting some lockdown blues symptoms again. Luckily my spouse convinced me to make the best of it. We indeed had a fun night with our little ones. For the first time we played tabletop games with the four of us. Mostly balance games, which was extra fun because our three year old was so excited she couldn’t help to jump up and down and shake the table!

Anyway. While many people are tweeting about how great it is that 2020 is over, I can’t pretend that a change of calendar makes a difference. Well at least this will be the year where lots of people get vaccinated and perhaps we can go back to feeling anxious about being within 1,5 m of a stranger.

Happy new year.

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