Day 278

And now we’re in proper lockdown again. The soft lockdown didn’t lower the spread of the virus. It’s probably a big blow to retailers, but if it weren’t for reduced Christmas gift buying options, the effect is negligible on our family. Daycare hasn’t fully closed. In fact, it’s open for all children who need it. There was a lot of communication to parents to please leave your children at home. At the same time, the minister of family affairs explained that all parents who believe daycare is needed, can bring in their children. Unusual for German official policy to be so loose and a bit risky, because the soft lockdown didn’t have the desired results. But it’s a relief to us as parents.

Most children in our daycare center could stay at home, ours did go to daycare because we still have work to do. So really, not much has changed for us, as we weren’t going anywhere anyway.

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