Day 234—Lockdown #2

Back in lockdown. It’s called a partial lockdown this time, as if last time literally everything was locked down. It seems sensible though. Bars, cinemas and clubs are closed, restaurants can only do delivery and take-away service. People are only allowed to meet with others in groups of max. ten, from max. two households at the same time. The best thing is that daycare and schools remain open. Which makes sense (finally) since there are still no know cases of virus transfer between young children or young children and adults.

I won’t go to the office anymore. At least not while I don’t feel depressed again. Compared to Day 1, things feel more predictable. This must be that new normal. Well, let’s see what happens after the elections that are about to start in the US. A world power on the brink of collapse isn’t exactly helping predictability.

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