Day 208

I’m sorta used to the corona crisis, so I guess we can no longer call it one (because crises are sudden events, turning points, and it has been almost a year since it started in China).

What I’m not used to is the uncertainty about what it does to society. Many lost their jobs and businesses. But people say the worst is yet to come. But when? How bad? For how long? Will we ever have music festivals again? Theater shows? Another thing that worries me is the effect on politics. I feel that a lot of public debate has become even more about short-term topics than before. Then there are the United States that are stuck in this narrative black hole of a nation going to shambles. I can’t tell anymore how much of it is true deterioration, things that always have been bad becoming more visible and the news itself being a self-fulfilling prophecy. In any case, with the UK out of the EU, the US government drunk on trumpism, Russia’s trolls feasting on that and China waging economic wars on all fronts, it’s difficult to imagine that innovation and civilizational progress are much of a priority to humanity in the next decade or two. And those two things are essential for my line of work to exist.

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