Day 200

DAY 200! When I talk to others, they all mention how they can’t believe that summer’s over already. It’s like as if everybody feels like only little time has past since the isolation started. But at the same time, everything pre-pandemic feels like much longer ago. Things that happened since March are on a non-linear timeline in my head. For instance, it doesn’t feel like too long ago that we went on vacation. But it started on Day 118. And the things I worked on immediately after that vacation… oof, I can’t say for sure. But I remember exactly what I worked on before it.

And now we’re at Day 200. When I started this journal, I really didn’t think I’d still be writing about the pandemic. Oh yes, now I remember: I really hoped that if we’d all just stay indoors for a couple of weeks, put on masks when going outside and washing hands properly, the virus would have been largely eradicated. It felt like an important thing to do really well, For The Good Of All Of Us. Well, at least some people tried.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m still careful AF, washing my hands, not touching my face and everything. But I now internalized that we do that to reduce the intensity and postponing the worst until there’s a vaccine. There’s no ‘fight’ that I can ‘join’ so we will ‘win’.

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