Day 158—Day 158 - My plan for relaxing more, getting better sleep and being happy again

Last Sunday I had what you could call a mental breakdown. We had what should have been a relaxed weekend at home with the children. Still I felt everything was too much. Let’s skip the details, but let it suffice that I never have had that before and don’t want it to happen again, because it was bad. Also, I still haven’t slept well, so I feel exhausted.

I’m taking measures so this is not getting out of hand.

In general

  • Don’t read news, except on Sundays (I wanted to allow it during the whole weekend, but Saturday mornings are hectic, because of doing household stuff with the children)
  • Don’t go on Twitter for a month (I changed my password to a random string that I deleted afterward)
  • Don’t go on LinkedIn except for work-related things
  • Leave phone at the charger (I bought a watch specifically so I don’t have a reason to have it on me all the time. There are too many potentially fun distractions that often make me anxious or stressed)
  • Put side projects on hold for a month
  • Don’t do volunteering work in the evenings
  • Talk to other people (when face to face is not possible, call them. Messaging doesn’t count)

Every day

  • When I wake up early, I use the time to do something I enjoy, like gardening, reading or sports.
  • I do at least 30 minutes of exercise (the hard part is every day—the day after I did a super long bicycle tour I thought I could use some rest, but I suspect that made me grumpy)
  • I do 15 minutes of relaxation exercises or meditation (I will put this in my calendar, because I never feel like doing it, because it’s boring)
  • Besides lunch, I take at least 2 short breaks of work where I don’t sit at the computer
  • At 20:45, I reflect on the day (I have a template for this, which lets me list 5 things that I’m grateful for, things that went well that day and things I want to do better the next)
  • After 21:00 I don’t use the the computer for anything but journal writing or watching movies.
  • I go to bed at 21:45. After all, waking up early isn’t bad: it’s nice and cool in the mornings.

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