Day 143

Ever since the start of the isolation, my mood has been down regularly. The vacation was a good break from that, but back at my desk at home I got that sense of emergency again. It’s not just the pandemic and the looming (sidenote: I understand those who are tired of the situation, but fuck those nazis demonstrating here in the city on the 3rd without wearing a mask. ) . I can’t see the pandemic separate from exploitive globalist capitalism. And the bigger problems that come with it. And if we can’t even get along to stop this virus, then how are we to fix climate change and inequality?

Anyway, that’s just my rationalization. In reality, those big problems are beyond my control and have been around from way before the pandemic. So I guess I just really miss being around people. That’s why I followed my friend’s advice and went to the office again!

That was somewhat of an event. It felt strange being back. My laptop wouldn’t connect to the wifi anymore, so asked some of my coworkers about that. Walking around with my laptop I stumbled over a trash can. The office has many anti-covid measures, restricting access for people, to avoid contact and thus virus spread. So I didn’t get to see a lot of people. At least I found a good lunch partner on my floor. It felt good to be back because of that.

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