Day 51

In general my outlook on things is pretty dark. I keep on wondering:

  • How much longer will this isolation have to be?
  • Shouldn’t we get a real lockdown for a week or two and really get it over with?
  • When will we get daycare again?
  • I don’t feel like I’m performing like I should. If daycare is staying closed much longer, should I look for another job?
  • Isn’t this the worst time ever to change jobs, am I stuck in this endless repetitive, stressful weekly cycle?
  • My family and everyone I know is healthy, I get to spend a lot of time with the children, we have steady income and don’t lack anything but social interactions. Then why do I feel so stressed?
  • What will happen to civilization if we keep doing these ‘intelligent lockdowns’? Tight social bonds are tightened, but at the cost of weaker, haphazard interactions. Will this lead to unpredictable power shifts on regional and national levels?
  • Why do so few people seem to realize that a lot of what we’re doing against corona is what we should have started doing long ago against climate change?

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