Day 19

This whole staying home all day is less fun than I thought it would be.

Good things:

  • We’re together with the family and most of the time that’s good. I really pity people who are all on their own at home. Especially extraverts. I can really understand if some can’t bear it and go outside and chat to a random person. I’ve been that random person a few times already.
  • The children are speaking more and more Dutch instead of German.
  • I’m becoming more creative in negotiating with the children.

Bad things:

  • I forget what day it is.
  • Not working out makes me feel on edge and somehow I can’t find the time to do workouts. In the morning it’s hard to get everyone out of their pajamas and at the breakfast table at a normal time. In the evenings we’re working longer.
  • Despite reduced news consumption, I can start to worry about all kinds of pandemic-related possibilities.
  • We’ve only passed half of the 5 weeks and it already feels like for ever.
  • I don’t see a strong effect in the numbers of confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths. If it continues like this, we’re much worse off than at the start of this near-lockdown. I don’t see why measures would be softened.
  • The children are also getting better at negotiating and are now revolting and ignoring all my requests.

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