Hey Koos, do you still recommend WordPress?

My website is falling apart. Not what you see right now though, although it may look like it. I mean the previous version, that is still online while I’m writing this.

When I was freelancing, I did an attempt at making a professional website. It took me several weeks to design and build, but it had all kinds of cool features, like a Google Map that showed my location, a contact form with spam protection and a homepage with just the kind of content you see at all agencies’ homepages. I WordPress to build it, with a lot of plugins and other dependencies. That’s technical terms for ‘there was a lot of code I didn’t write myself and is updated by other people’. Naturally, after a couple of years, I didn’t know how to change the homepage to a normal blog (the makers of the theme I used stopped support) and various features just stopped working because the dependencies got updated and were no longer playing nice with my old implementation. The perfect excuse to build a new website! The WordPress site in its last days looked so dilapidated and its content was so outdated, that anything else would be an improvement.

So, here we are. It’s Version 3.0. It’s an MVP.

It’s a static website, made with Jekyll. So you can’t place any comments. Not yet at least.