• Design and art

    How one phone call made me give up my dream of becoming an artist and made me see twenty-five years later that design and art aren't that different.
  • I sold Big Timer

    Did I make the right choice selling my side project?
  • The new heroes of design

    They're not larger than life. Sometimes I disagree with them. I don't even like some of their work.






  • Why side projects fail

    So, my side projects fail! Let me first describe what I would consider a successful side project. A side project is something: That is fun...
  • Vue is a great JavaScript framework for designers

    I’m building something for the web (a big countdown timer) and found out about a JavaScript framework that is great for a designer who does...
  • What is color?—Color theory in design

    Choosing colors depends often on the designer’s taste. This can lead to tough discussions with stakeholders that do not share that taste. Everyone has gut...



  • New design pattern: Drag To Tag

    Working on a new platform for keeping annotations, I came up with a new way of tagging items!